Art Working in the Kitchen

Art Working in the Kitchen

Generally the kitchen is the beating heart of any home, a place where mouth-watering aromas, delicious flavours, and lively conversations all come together. But have you ever thought about adding some artistic flair to this functional space? By infusing your kitchen with the beauty of art, you can create a truly visual feast. So why not take a cue from your favourite artworks? Here are some tips and tricks for working art into your kitchen design.



A start with art

Art can serve as a starting point for your kitchen design. For instance, a vibrant painting with bold colours can inspire a bright and playful kitchen design. With lots of kitchens purely functional and usually one colour the paler kitchens especially white can look washed out on a grey day, adding colour with art brings some instant warmth.  A monochrome piece can inspire a sleek and minimalist kitchen design. By using your favourite artwork perhaps by pulling colours from its palette as a guide, or emulating a period style for instance a victorian farmhouse or a 50’s diner you can create a cohesive and inspiring space that reflects your personal style.

Create a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a great way to display your favourite artworks in your kitchen. Choose a collection of paintings, prints, and photographs that complement each other in style and colour. Mix and match frames and sizes to create an eclectic and visually interesting display. Don't be afraid to add some 3D elements like woven baskets or decorative plates into the mix.

Kitchen Gallery Wall - How to put art in the kitchen   

Showcase your kitchenware

Your kitchenware can also serve as art when displayed creatively. Install open shelves to showcase your colourful pots and pans, vintage dishes, or sculptural objects. Add in some greenery with potted herbs or a vase of fresh flowers to bring life and vibrancy to your kitchen.

Showcase your wares - Art in the Kitchen

Mix high and low

The kitchen is a space where the high and low can coexist. Display a priceless family heirloom alongside a whimsical piece of art created by your child. This creates a visual conversation between the different elements in the space and adds a personal touch to your kitchen.

When it comes to displaying art on your kitchen shelving unit, colour can make all the difference. If your kitchen is already vibrant and colourful, choose a muted tone for your shelving unit. Alternatively, if your kitchen has a minimalist and neutral design, go for a bold hue to make your display pop. The contrast between the shelving unit and the objects on display will draw attention to your artwork and make it stand out.

Multiple displays - Art in the Kitchen Art in the Kitchen - Influencing design choices in the kitchen

Multiple Displays

If you plan to display multiple artworks in your kitchen, arranging them in a cluster can be a great way to create a visually striking display. A feature wall or blank space at the end of a run of units can be the perfect spot for a cluster of artwork. However, be mindful of the placement of your artworks if you are displaying them above bench seating or a dining table. Hang them high enough so that people don't accidentally bump into them.

Alternatively, if you have a series of prints, paintings or photographs that come as a set, consider arranging them in a neat row or grid. This arrangement will create a sense of continuity and enhance the visual impact of your collection.

Remember that small artworks can also make a big impact when displayed in the right place. Consider framing a petite artwork with an oversized mount to give it a larger presence on your wall. And don't forget that your kitchen work surfaces if you have the space, can also be a great place to display art. Simply lean a framed artwork against the wall to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Incorporating art into your kitchen design can transform this functional space into a visually inspiring one. Use these ideas as a starting point to create a kitchen that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your soul.